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Empowering Women For Professional Success!

After working in a male dominated industry, Charlotte saw the need for improvement in gender diversity and decided to take action for change. 

Miss CEO aims to support women getting jobs and progressing in their career.  Miss CEO is about creating a safe and female friendly environment for people to learn. 

Miss CEO Convention 2019

Opening Ceremony


CEO & Founder, Charlotte Moss opened this incredible Miss CEO Convention explaining her mission and described the convention as "taking action for change".

Her reason for selecting the theme "I'm Possible" came from her experience of people telling her that her outstanding achievements in life of becoming an engineer, travelling internationally with work and becoming a two times Gold Medal World Champion Athlete as impossible!

Charlotte states " And even if you do fail, Miss CEO and EVERYONE here in this room will be cheering you on to get back up and try again.
My definition of a successful event today is by hearing your success stories or even wild failure stories at next years event.
What I really want everyone to take away from today, is to take sections of what all the speakers provide and apply it to your own life. Apply it to the thing that is holding you back from doing something that you want to do, make the change to achieve your goals.
Every speaker here has valuable information and I really want you all to take that step forward and achieve your definition of success."

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