Charlotte Moss Project Engineer in the rail industry specialized in industrial computer systems.

Industrial Computer Systems

 Having carved out a successful career in the male-dominated world of engineering in the rail industry, Charlotte Moss knows from first-hand experience exactly what it takes to succeed in the business world. Charlotte has  been in the rail industry for 9 years and has worked on multi-million dollar projects and has worked on one of Australia’s biggest and most complex rail automation projects using internationally resources. 

Charlotte Moss in Russia, travelling for her engineering work.

Specialized teams

Charlotte Moss has traveled internationally throughout her career, Charlotte has managed teams in Russia and India. Charlotte also worked with specialized teams in Sweden, Finland and Poland. 

Charlotte Moss Young Rail Professional Pitch AUSRAIL


Charlotte recently presented her pitch at AUSRAIL PLUS 2019 in Sydney. The pitch was an innovative idea to prevent fatalities at train stations, improve customer satisfaction and reduce environmental waste all through an interlocked control system that allows customer even distribution across carriages.  

Charlotte received a certificate from the Australasian Rail Association from the C.E.O. of Sydney Trains at the AUSRAIL PLUS GALA Dinner with over 1700 attendees!