Charlotte Moss

About Charlotte

Charlotte Moss Keynote Engineering Speaker for technical improvements in the rail industry.


 Having carved out a successful career in the male-dominated world of engineering in the rail industry, Charlotte Moss knows from first-hand experience exactly what it takes to succeed in the business world. Charlotte has worked on multi-million dollar projects and has worked on one of Australia’s biggest and most complex rail automation projects using internationally resources. 

Charlotte Moss World Champion Athlete, World Championships Dubai 2015.

World Champion ATHLETE

Charlotte Moss started competing in bodybuilding in August 2014. In her first competition Charlotte won first place and overall at the West Coast Supershow. Charlotte continued to follow her passion, within in less than 12 months Charlotte became won first place and overall at the World Championships in June 2015!

Charlotte Moss Founder and CEO of Miss CEO. Miss CEO empowers women for professional success.

Miss CEO

Charlotte is the C.E.O. &  Founder of Miss CEO. Miss C.E.O. provides services to empower women to achieve professional success!

Charlotte states "Miss C.E.O. is taking action for change" with the aim of supporting women getting jobs and progressing in their career. 

ARA Gender Diversity Champion

Charlotte Moss ARA Diversity Champion for women in the rail industry.

Charlotte Moss

“The aim should be to create a diverse culture with competent people for the job all working towards the same vision. It should not be about employing a woman to meet a quota.” We need to “create confidence and trust between both women and the rail industry; things like open days, work experience or social events to get people networking, exposed to the rail industry and building relationships to provide that confidence.” 

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Miss CEO empowering women for professional Success.